We would like to extend a warm welcome to the refugees here in Altenwalde.

We, as citizens of Altenwalde, have come together because we do not want to be bystanders while people from many parts of the world are forced to flee terror, hunger, and fear – leaving their homes and their families in order to seek protection and help among us.

We, as citizens of Altenwalde, would like to offer more than clothing, shelter, and food. We also plan to provide assistance in communicating with medical personnel, schools, and local authorities. Finally, we would like to reach out to the refugees personally, in the spirit of respect and solidarity.

We, as citizens of Altenwalde, have called upon others to help us in these efforts. We have received a tremendous response of good will from many people who deeply care about the fate of refugees and who show no hostility towards them.

We, as citizens of Altenwalde, have set up this internet portal

  • for other citizens who are interested in our project
  • for everyone willing to help
  • for everyone in need of help

OHA Open Heart Altenwalde